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July 13, 2011

Solution to a more SLENDER you!

←Is this how you have been feeling like these years?
Too conscious of the cellulite on your elephant legs? Never dared to go onto the streets with a miniskirt because of that?

Well, you can now stop feeling bad about yourself. Try Bio-essence's Celebrity Choice.

What makes this special?

  • 2x more firming ingredients
  • Increased heat sensation (burn fats faster)
  • Fruity-scented Inchloss Shower Scrub (pink)
  • Moisturizing Inchloss Body Cream (red) - It contains rice, pineapple and ginseng extract!

How to use?

1. Apply Inchloss Shower Scrub over targeted fat areas (e.g. thighs or calves) in upward circular motion. Avoid application to your peaks, or contact with your eyes, armpits and genital areas.

This Shower Scrub can help the Body Cream work its magic!

*Personally, I just apply a little of this Shower Scrub to my calves and arms (about the size of a 10cent coin). My skin feels refreshing and smooth as well!*

2. Apply Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength over the same areas in upward circular motion until fully absorbed.

*You might want to wear a glove for the application of this cream (Its heating effect is rather strong!) *

3. Exercise a little (choose exercises that targets those areas with Body Cream applied) to strengthen the heating effect.

Get yours now!

You can now get a trial kit with both the Inchloss Shower Scrub and Body Cream Extra Strength (as shown in the picture above, with each tube weighing 20g and lasting for about 7 days) Go to Bio-essence's Facebook page, and click on the tab that says "Are you fast enough? Win Celebrity Choice Trial Kit!". Alternatively, use this url:

*Psst....It might be easier to win this trial kit if you are using a laptop. As you have to click super fast (180 clicks to be exact), use both your mouse-pad and USB mouse simultaneously. Hurry! The challenge ends 03 August 2011.*


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