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July 16, 2011

Nature's way to GORGEOUSNESS without BLEMISHES

Opt for the NATURAL and TIME-TESTED way of removing blemishes.
Try The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil & Skin Clearing Facial Wash!

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (1ml)
The Body Shop Skin Clearing Facial Wash (5ml)

What makes this special?
  • Community Trade Tea Tree Oil → Anti-bacterial (aids in recovery of bacteria-induced blemishes)
  • Tamanu Oil → Moisturizes the skin 
  • Lemon Tea Tree → Zesty fragrance
*To be frank, I can't really appreciate the smell of the Tea Tree Oil and Facial Wash. 
   I would prefer the usual fruity and zesty fragrance (the new products smelt somewhat like sandalwood).*

How to use? 
  1. Apply a sufficient amount of  Skin Clearing Facial Wash onto your palm. Lather.
*The Facial Wash isn't foamy so do not be alarmed and start spamming the entire packet. 
  The 5ml pack should last about 2 days (day and night usage).*

     2.  Right after cleansing, apply a small amount of Tea Tree Oil directly onto blemish.
          Directly use your fingertips or a clean cotton wool.
          Allow to air-dry.

* The Tea Tree Oil is very easily absorbed by the skin, so probably just wait about 5 seconds for it to dry.
    1...2...3...4...5! Done!*

*MY SAY:  
Rather disappointing results and results might vary. 
I tried this on a zit near my nose for about 3 days already. but the zit DIDN'T BULGE!
My friend  encountered even more devastating results - She had a BREAKOUT! (might be due to her oily and acne-prone skin) 

Well, then I went to ask The Body Shop consultants about this. According to them, results will generally take around 7 days to show. I guess you'll just have to wait for nature to work its magic.*

Get yours now!

Join The Body Shop Singapore's page as a fan. Click a tab on the left that reads "Tea Tree Scratch & Win".
Or simply click here.

Hurry! Until 3 August 2011 or whilst stocks last.

x3 = Tea Tree Oil (1ml) + Skin Clearing Facial Wash (5ml)

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